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Tim’s Giveaways

I have awesome followers and you people keep me going in those dark, lonely times when it seems like I can’t go on.

I’ve decided to offer the occasional giveaway where you can win a cool prize on me! I’m hosting these through Amazon, and while there will be occasional changes to how the giveaway works, the nutshell rules are:

1. You need to be a US resident
2. You must be age 18+,
3. You need (or need to be willing to set up) an Amazon account.

These cost you nothing – I pay for the prize, shipping, and applicable taxes for the winner. All you have to do is meet the entry criteria.

The Halloween Giveaway Has Closed

Thanks to everyone who entered, and welcome to my new Twitter followers!

Amazon is finalizing the winners and I’ll announce who won when I have the confirmations. Stay tuned for future giveaways!