/Progress update – halfway through the adaptation

Progress update – halfway through the adaptation

I’m at about 60 pages in the screenplay adaptation of my zombie novel, THE TRIP.

Things are for the most part going well. I’m getting the feel for the rhythm of moving back and forth across the two timelines. One thing that’s helped – strangely enough – is watching ONCE UPON A TIME. My daughters are huge fans of the show, and I’ll admit I liked the first couple seasons. I think they do a good job moving between past and present in the show. It’s a similar approach to what I need to do for THE TRIP.

Sadly, there are chapters and scenes that need to go because they work in the novel but they don’t fit as well for a screenplay. A lot of dialog has to be tweaked as well – when you’re writing a novel, you’re writing for the eye. When you write a screenplay, dialog is for the ear. A lot of it still works, but there are places where it needs to be tightened or tweaked.

It’s coming together nicely, and I think the A/B/C plotlines fit a movie well. We’ll see if this goes anywhere when I’m done.

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