This is my blog. I had one on MySpace a LONG time ago (if anyone remembers what MySpace was) that I worked really hard to maintain. I kept it up for a while and had some good content on there. Sadly, MySpace pulled the plug on it after I was inactive for a while. Oops.

Then I went to Blogger. I blogged a little bit over there, but wasn’t as active as I could have been. I really didn’t like it – the themes were limited, I couldn’t integrate it with my site, and I just didn’t get a lot of traffic.

That brings me to this go-around. I’m implementing this on my site. I have full control over it, and it’ll evolve over time.

Right now I’m planning on posting about the things I’m doing – the writing (books, screenplays), the indie films, occasional bits of writing and publishing advice, and any other thoughts I may have that someone might find interesting.

Welcome aboard. This should be a fun ride.