MonthFebruary 2018

Which Character Are You?

Pretty much any time you write something, the question which character are you is bound to come up. I think it comes up most often when you talk about your writing to people who don’t write – I think there’s a prevailing mentality that you’re one of the characters in the story. I know some […]

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People Watch For The Monster

People watch for the monster. The other night I was reading a friend’s short horror comic script and it got me thinking about those words. I’ve tweeted this advice for a while – I think it’s time for a deeper dive into the topic. Let’s talk about something that helps make horror fun – the […]

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Five Books

Usually I write about stuff I see in a Facebook group. This post is a reaction to some stuff I saw over in a LinkedIn post. A friend of mine has stuck out on her own indie writing journey. She’s a marketing professional who replied to a post by another marketing professional about indie authors […]

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The Ten Year Journey

I’m always amazed that no matter where I go, I meet people who want to write and enjoy success without putting the work in. I really don’t know why this mindset seems to be so prevalent – I think because reading a book is along the lines of watching a movie. It’s kind of passive […]

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