Writing: the core passion

The writing life: Just a man, a vision, a keyboard, 8GB of MP3s, and a cup of chai tea...

Writing is my first passion. I've been doing it most of my life. My folks had a manual typewriter that I'd use to write plays on when I was a kid. I used it so much it broke. Then my father bought me an electric typewriter. And I drove that into the ground, too. So we got an Atari computer. And I started playing video games (much to dear ol' dad's chagrin). Seriously, that Atari was less than ideal, but I wrote my first "novel" on it.

My writing is eclectic. I've written for newspapers, magazines, screenplays, comic books, an animation pilot, an e-newsletter, a couple web sites...

How often do I write? Often as I can, really. Sometimes hours a day for weeks on end. Sometimes a couple stolen minutes to write before bed. I have a wife, two daughters, and a dog that keep me busy...but there always needs to be time to write.

This is a summary of my writing credits. I don't have the room to include everything I've ever done...if you're interested in tearsheets, contact me.

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Print Work

  • Listen magazine: My work with Listen has been eclectic to say the least. I first got involved with them back in 2003 with an article on paintball. Since then I've covered topics like drugs, gangs, skimboarding, and even mountain unicycling.
  • Nashua Telegraph: I cut my teeth writing business profiles for a couple years. These were my first paid assignments.

Online Work


Ah, moving pictures. It's one of my favorite formats and one I've been groomed for. The screenplay is full of challenges you just don't get in other forms of writing. And if you persist, you can go places...


  • 2015 - Granite State Film Festival, Best Super Short, Remembrance
  • 2005 - 20/20 Screenwriting Contest, honorable mention
  • 2003 - Shriekfest, honorable mention
  • 2003 - Hollywood Scriptwriting Institute contest, 1st place

You could say I've studied the screenplay...

Course work:

  • Rivier College - master level courses in screenwriting
  • UCLA Extension - summer intensive, master level screenwriting workshop
  • Salem State - every screenwriting course they offered...
  • Hollywood Scriptwriting Institute - intermediate and advanced courses
Writing Advice

Read my August 2016 interview with Denise Gossett at Shriekfest. I talk about writing, filmmaking, and motivation.

I've moved this content into my blog to save space.

Read some of my advice to writers, and check out my blog if you're interested in my ongoing thoughts and adventures.

2015 Shriekfest Judge

I'm a 2003 Shriekfest alum; in 2015 I got to be a Shriekfest screenplay judge. I got to read a lot of interesting scripts from writers looking for a big break, being accepted to a major festival. It was a lot of fun, if you get a chance to do something like this I strongly recommend it. When the festival wraps up I'll be writing some blog posts about the experience.

I enjoyed it so much I returned in 2017 as a judge for a second time...

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