Witch City: Mutation

One Agent's Fateful Decision Will Give Rise to an Unspeakable Evil

On December 22nd, 1967 Bethany Holcroft was turned by a vampire. She spent the better part of the next five decades reluctantly feeding on human blood, desperately trying to understand the horrible transformation she went through.

Desperate to atone for what she’s done, Bethany is recruited by The Program – a law enforcement organization trained to track down and control – or if necessary, destroy – monsters like her. As an agent, Bethany uses her knowledge of the supernatural against the monsters that turned her.

Bethany meets up with an old friend and makes a decision that will spawn an evil like nothing The Program has faced before. It is an evil that will have dire consequences for Bethany and her team.

Her decision will give rise to the Mutation.

Witch City: Mutation is the first short film based on the series.

Anticipated release: Fall 2015.

The Cast

Sophia Cacciola as Agent Bethany Holcroft

Sophia Cacciola is a musician, filmmaker, and actress. She has co-produced and directed two feature films, TEN and MAGNETIC and drums/sings in the spy-core band, Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling

Sophia Cacciola

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