The Animated Motion Picture

In 2012 I independently published what I felt was an original spin on a zombie story. In 2014 while producing another movie, longtime supporter Denise Gossett (the director and founder of the Shriekfest film festival) encouraged me to write a script based on the novel. As I started writing the script, a friend of mine put the bug in my ear to write it as an animated feature.

The screenplay based on The Trip went on to take honorable mention in the 2016 Writers' Digest Writing Annual Writing Competition screenplay category. I got to thinking more and more about launching into an animated movie based on the story. I spent almost a year testing, learning animation software, and seeking out a team to help me. I knew I couldn't do it alone; I would need the support of a passionate and talented team.

I'm proud to say with the help of a hand-selected team of other artists, actors, dreamers, and independent creatives, we have begun production on an animated, feature length adaptation of The Trip. The anticipated release date is currently sometime between Q4 2017 and Q1 2018.

No conglomerate is supporting us. There is no marketing department. We are small, we are passionate, we are fullbore indie. This is an ambitious project - an animated zombie movie. Animation fans; zombie fans; horror fans; sci-fi fans: come one, come all - we need your support!

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There's plenty of information about me on other parts of this site - so let me introduce the some of the very talented team joining me on this project.

The Leads

Three talented actors are featured in The Trip. Learn more about them below.

Felicia Flanagan is Meghan

Felicia Flanagan is an actress and model with a longtime affiliation with The Trip, lending her voice to Meghan's character in both the original book trailer and the audiobook. Felicia reprises her role as Meghan in the feature. Trained by Boston's finest film and theatre instructors, Felicia's previous film credits include Wonder Years, the music video Catch Me If You Can. Felicia returns once more to play Meghan in the animated version of THE TRIP.

Jared Contrada is Dave

Jared began his acting career in High School, starting out in supporting theatre roles working his way to the main parts in many productions. He has performed and competed in the 2014 & 2015 New Hampshire Education Theater Guild Festival as the title role both years. His performance in 2015 earned him not only a spot in the State Competition, but a Best Actor award.

Jared has been working his way into film as well, appearing as a background actor in an HBO Film, a speaking role in a local commercial, and the lead in short filmed produced in Boston.

Ariel Zuckerman is Chris

Ariel Zuckerman is an actor from nowhere in particular. After relocating for love from NYC to the Boston area, he has stayed busy with commercial, theatrical and legit projects. In addition to evading zombies, Ariel is currently playing Detective Morgan Jacobs in Angelwood Pictures Code 13:Unreadable. When not acting, Ariel can be found riding his Ninja and spending time with His fiancee, Gillian, and their super-clingy pets, Desdemona and Willow.

The Artists

Just as important as the actors are the artists whose work help bring the story to life. I'm honored - and very lucky - two have two amazingly talented illustrators working on this project with us.

Amanda Poland - Human Character Designer

Kurt Belcher - Zombies and Props

Principal Supporting

Supporting actors help bring the story to life by filling out the world. I acknowledge the primary supporting characters who appear in several key scenes.

Kimberley Miller - Traci

Kimberley Miller

Miranda Evans - Sebrina

Jameson Lee - Mr. Stiles

Sophia Cacciola - Newscaster

Sophia Cacciola

Porcelain Dalya - Justina

Jessica Dellot - Michelle

Jessica Dellot

Tayla Fernandez - Sentry

Other Supporting

A number of other talented people lent their voices to bring the story to life.