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Three Amazing Narrators - One Awesome Listening Experience

".... I could still wake up, Meghan thought. This could be a dream. The ache in my legs, and the hunger, and the hollow feeling in my gut as we round every blind corner could all be a dream. I could still wake up at home, with Mom and Dad and Karen all in their rooms and Rocket at the foot of my bed and pancakes for breakfast and everything would be right with the world. I could be getting ready to go to California at the end of the summer, which is just beginning, and I could be swimming with all my friends and enjoying life. That’s what I should be doing right now—enjoying life..." - Meghan, THE TRIP

Three teens coming of age. A cross-country road trip during the summer between high school and college. An unidentified virus with terrifying consequences for the world. The world of THE TRIP comes to life in an 8.5 hour experience, told through the voices of three awesome narrators.


In 2012 my zombie thriller THE TRIP was published. I set out to tell a zombie story in a way that hadn't been done before. I decided the story would unfold through a combination of news broadcasts, blog posts, and traditional narrative. The resulting story puts a unique spin on a crowded genre.

I'm proud to announce the release of the audiobook version of THE TRIP. Keeping with the groundbreaking tradition of the novel, I've brought in three amazing narrators to bring the story of teens facing a zombie apocalypse to life in a riveting audiobook experience. Meet the narrators of THE TRIP:

The Primary Narrator

Kimberley Miller lends her amazing voice to the narrative portion the audiobook. Kimberley received her training at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland where she had the privilege of performing the role of Hamlet on London's Shakespeare Globe stage as part of their educational series. You can catch Kimberley in Butterfleye Films' webseries THE REALM.

Kimberley's voice and talent weave a gripping narrative following Meghan and her friends, moving between senior year and the following summer. Meghan and her friends are unaware a mysterious new virus is turning its victims into flesh-eating zombies, and it's coming their way...

The Newscaster

Reading the audiobook news broadcasts during the zombie apocalypse is the insanely talented (and insanely busy) Sophia Cacciola. More than an actress and a pillar of the local arts scene, Sophia has co-written, co-directed and co-produced produced three - count 'em - three indie films, TEN, MAGNETIC and BLOOD OF THE TRIBADES. Sophia also drums/sings in the spy-core band DO NOT FORSAKE ME OH MY DARLING.

Sophia brings a gravity and realism to her part that makes it easy to forget zombies aren't really out there...or are they?

The Blogger

Felicia Flanagan reprises her role as zombie apocalypse survivor Meghan reading the audiobook blog posts. Longtime fans may remember that Felicia lent her voice to the original book trailer. Trained by Boston's finest film and theatre instructors, Felicia's previous film credits include Wonder Years, the music video Catch Me If You Can. Felicia will also be returning to play Meghan in the animated version of THE TRIP.

Felicia nails her part, creating a sense that you're actually listening to a teen zombie apocalypse surviror recounting her tale.

Hear a Sample in the Animated Trailer

Coming Soon - The Trip: The Animated Motion Picture

Tim has assembled a very talented team to help bring THE TRIP to life in an animated feature! Work has begun and the project is in production. Find out more about the cast of THE TRIP: THE ANIMATED MOTION PICTURE

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