Need a web site? Who you gonna call?

Depending on the technology - maybe me

The artist in me comes out after hours. But there's this big chunk of time during the week where I go out and earn a living. That's where IT comes in.

I've been in IT since 1997, working with mostly Microsoft technologies. I can code in C# and VB.NET. I know what the differences between a usercontrol and a webcontrol are. I know how to write HTML, CSS, and JavaScript though I prefer using a framwork like JQuery or the Microsoft AJAX toolkit.

When I had a blog, I built an RSS feed using C# and .NET. Since I really don't have time to blog I've taken that page down, but I can work with RSS using different technologies. Check out my filmography page or The Trip page to see what I can do.

Web programming has its own sets of challenges: platform independence; various user experience levels; different support for "standards" across browsers...if they can't tell how big a pixel is across two browsers on the same computer, how can you be sure of anything?

Welcome to the wonderful world of being a web developer.

I've been around - I've worked for large companies (defense contractors, financial institutions), mid sized companies, and startups of less than eight employees. Permanent employee, contractor, freelancer...I've done it all.

Most of the stuff I've doen the last few years has been on the .NET technologies. Mostly these days I use C#. I can switch to VB.NET if the need arised. I do a lot with JQuery and the Microsoft AJAX frameworks. I can code HTML in my sleep and I'm pretty good with CSS. Just don't ask me to come up with a color scheme...

What can't I do? I'll be honest. There's a LOT out here and nobody knows everything. If you don't see the language on my resume, it's because I don't know it. It doesn't mean I can't learn it; like everyone else, my time is limited and at this point in my career I've chosen to specialize in what I do well.

As much as I love playing with Flash, I can't put it on my resume because I just don't have enough experience with it. And while I woudln't call myself a designer by any stretch of the imagination, I do know how to use Photoshop. I could crop a picture or make a decent button for you.