The Fourth Teaspoon - A Short Film

The Fourth Teaspoon

What happens when you mix foodie culture with a spy movie and a heaping serving of humor?

Find out in the short - a quarterfinalist in the 2013 American Gem Short Screenplay Competition!

The Fourth Teaspoon follows clueless reporter MIKE, whose friend JOHN was murdered as he was about to publish a book titled THE BAKER'S SECRET. In the book, John was going to reveal the secret that made him such a great baker - a secret known as "the fourth teaspoon." Mike is tasked with finishing the project for his dead friend.

Unfortunately for Mike, the book attracted the attention of the European baking mafia known as Gros Pane. They've sent their best hitman, CHEF IVAN, to make sure the secret stays that way.

The only thing standing between Mike and Chef Ivan is intrepid agent BECKY, sent to keep Mike safe and protect the secret at all costs.

Will Becky be able to get Mike out of the pickle he's in? Or will the cookie crumble if Chef Ivan can accomplish his mission?

You've got way too much time on your hands.

Yeah, I've been told that.

The Cast

Billy J. Pomerleau as Mike

Actor Billy J. Pomerleau brings years of experience with stage and screen to THE FOURTH TEASPOON. In his role as Mike, Billy takes the lead in this short film. Billy's previous film credits include Earth Hope, Granite Voices and Moon Under Glass, as well as numerous stage plays.

Billy J. Pomerleau as John

Felicia Flanagan as Becky

The youngest member of the cast, actress and model Felicia brings years of experience to her role as agent Becky. Trained by Boston's finest film and theatre instructors, Felicia's previous film credits include Wonder Years, the music video Catch Me If You Can.

Felicia Flanagan as Becky

Rocky Maxwell as Chef Ivan

A former professional wrestler, Rocky rounds out the cast and brings his physical skills to the ring as a fight choreographer. Rocky can be seen as an extra in numerous films, including Here Comes The Boom and Matches. Comfortable in front of the camera as well as behind, Rocky's latest gig is acting in the role of Jack and crew on the web series Just Another Day.

Rocky Maxwell as Chef Ivan

Tim Morgan - Writer, Director, Producer, Chief Cook and Bottle Washer

Award-winning writer Tim Morgan serves up this spoof with heaping helpings of action and silliness. Find out more about Tim at the official Tim Morgan web site

Media Relations / Producer

Tami Brouillette
Contented Media
Contented Media