Introducing StoryBuilder

Targeted advice to help your writing

I meet a lot of people who ask me how I go about doing things relating to writing. It's why I started my blog Musings of a Lonely Mind, which you can read free. However, I think there are people out there who could benefit from a deeper dive into some of the topics I've covered.

Maybe you're a new writer who isn't sure how to go about doing something. Or you could be an advanced writer looking for a new approach. In either case, my StoryBuilder ebooks contain targeted advice meant to get you through some of those blocks.

They're priced at $.99 through and available on Kindle devices or any Kindle apps (Windows, Android and iOS).

StoryBuilder: The Black Moment

StoryBuilder: The Black Moment cover

The first book in the series explains how I go about starting a story.

The moment goes by many terms: climax, black moment, crisis any story, it is the moment that all actions lead up to. It's the most exciting moment for your story, and for me it's a great place to start. This ebook gives you my tips on starting here, and building the story around it. While most writing books illustrate a linear writing approach, this one explains nonlinear writing, and how to write from what you're feeling now.

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