My DreamGirl Was A Vampire

A short film by Tim Morgan

What Is This Movie About?

Grant is a mild-mannered historian. He's just your average guy who works for a living, managing the social networking for the museum where he works. He's got access to a lot of stuff in the museum's collection, and if they don't have something, he can probably get it.

One day while out for coffee, Grant meets Stefanie - beautiful and mysterious. They hit it off but Stefanie has a secret - she's an 800-year-old vampire. But she's not your typical vampire. Stefanie is tired of watching everything she loves wither and die while she stays the same. This vampire wants to be human again. There's an ancient book in another museum's collection that holds the secret of bringing Stefanie back. And Grant is the only man who can help her.

Scared but intrigued, Grant decides to help Stefanie. Together can they break the vampire's curse?

We like to think of it as a Twilight Zone / Amazing Stories style sci-fi short with a bit of How I Met Your Mother thrown in.

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Featured Actors in My DreamGirl Was A Vampire

Billy J. Pomerleau as Grant

Stage actor Billy J. Pomerleau brings years of stage and screen experience to his role as Grant.

Fresh off a stage production of The Odd Couple, Billy can also be seen in Tim's projects A Gnome Named Juan and The Fourth Teaspoon. Billy can also be seen in the film Granite Voices and played Hysterium in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way To The Forum.

Kimberley Miller as Stefanie

Kimberley Miller joins the cast as beautiful and mysterious vampire Stefanie. Kimberley's previous roles include Sydney Shaffer in Bot or Not, Alison in Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, Kate in Taming of the Shrew and Geraldine Barclay in What the Butler Saw. She recently completed a commercial shoot for Charley Farley Home Loans and can be seen as a guest star in the web-series Welcome to Grandpaville.

Billy J. Pomerleau as Grant
Featuring Billy J. Pomerleau as Grant
Kimberley Miller as Stefanie
Featuring Kimberley Miller as Stefanie

Making A Movie Takes Brains, Muscle, and Determination...

The actors on screen are critical to a movie, but you can't do it without some equally talented and motivated people behind the camera. We've got a great crew on Dreamgirl, we work hard and we have a good time doing it.

Alexander Azzi - Camera operator, sound guy, score wizard

Alex is a professional videographer, DJ, and sound technician. He brings his experience with numerous types of video, from weddings to campaign video, to the project. Alex is also the chief sound engineer, and will be handling the score for the project. By night he changes into his alter-ego, Drop Goblin, and rocks late into the night with dubstep sound.

Jonathan Geddis - Camera Operator, assistant director, director of photography

Jonathan takes on the role of camera operator, assistant director and director of photography. His work included projects for National Geographic and Perpetual Projects, as well as work on the DECo Web Series. Jonathan is a student at Lakes Region Community College (LRCC), where he's studing Media Arts and Technology. Jonathan recently served as a camera operator for an LRCC commercial. He shoots on a Canon EOS 5D Mark 3.

Rocky Maxwell - Camera Operator, Adam

A former pro wrestler, Rocky is comfortable in front of the camera as well as behind. He can be seen in numerous movies, including Here Comes The Boom and Matches. Rocky has a small role in the film as Adam, the vampire who turned Stefanie.

Tom Dean - Camera Operator

Freelance action sports photographer Tom joins the team as a camera operator. Tom's resume includes projects for HBO, National Geographic and The North Face.

Tim Morgan - Writer, director, executive producer

Tim wears many hats on this production. An award-winning scriptwriter, Tim wrote the Dreamgirl script and will be directing, producing and serving as a camera operator. Tim's scripts have placed well in a number of screenwriting competitions, including the Writer's Digest Annual Writing Competition screenplay division; 20/20; and the Hollywood Scriptwriting Institute monthly contest. Tim owns two Canon EOS 7D cameras that will be used on the shoot.

Alex Azzi, Sound Tech, Score Master, Camera Operator
Alex Azzi, Sound Tech, Score Master, Camera Operator
Jonathan Geddis, Camera Operator, Assistant Director
Jonathan Geddis, Camera Operator, Assistant Director, Director of Photography
Rocky Maxwell, Camera Operator, Adam the Vampire
Rocky Maxwell, Camera Operator
Tom Dean, Camera Operator
Tom Dean, Camera Operator

How Do You Come Up With This Stuff?

My DreamGirl Was A Vampire is my take on a vampire story. I've wanted to do one for a while - many years actually, and finally decided it was time.

In order to tell a story like this, you need a good vampire. Creating a character like this takes time - Stefanie actually has her genesis in a script I wrote in college that I made a go at producing. It was the best I could write at the time, but it was a bad rip-off of The X-Files. The project fizzled out, but something about Stefanie's character would stick with me, and no matter what I did, she was there, patiently begging to be brought to life. It's been nearly 20 years (yeah, you read that right), and I finally think it's time to bring Stefanie to life.

As I sat down to write the script, I started out with a darker, edgier feel...but found that story wasn't quite working. So I set that aside, rebooted, and wrote the script that became My DreamGirl Was A Vampire. Based on the replies to the casting call, I will probably revisit the original concept at some point in the future.

Also critical to this story is the leading man. Grant fit the character so well, the sound of it, the connotations... Grant is an everyman, thrust into the role of a hero by a beautiful and mysterious stranger who is desperate for his help. I've based him loosely on two famous Grants, Grant Imahara from MythBusters and Grant Wilson from Ghost Hunters.

Finally, there are a number of things you need to succeed with a short like this - good actors, a fantastic crew, and great locations. I think all those elements have come together for this project, and I hope you'll agree My DreamGirl Was A Vampire is an entertaining and enjoyable short film.

Tim Morgan

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