In The Dark - An Animated Short Film

The Story

Writer/Director/Producer Tim Morgan presents his first animated short - a send-up of 80's slasher horror!

The story follows three coeds on rush night. Blue Eyes (Miranda Evans, Remembrance,Chilling Visions: Five Senses of Fear) is the ringleader. Brown Eyes (Sophia Cacciola, Ten, Magnetic) is the smart one, and Green Eyes (Kimberley Miller (The Realm, My DreamGirl Was A Vampire) is the innocent one.

Their goal: make it through rush night in a "haunted house". Unfortunately, there's an uninvited guest... can the trio outfox The Hockey Masked Slasher, or will there be three more bodies to clean up in the morning?

The short features a script combining the talents of Tim and his friend/cowriter/all-around nice guy Chris Parent, with special guest Peter Reilly (Survivorman: Zombie Apocalypse) making a cameo.

In the Dark has had a very successful festival run and we're pleased to announce our OFFICIAL release date! After the date below, the short will be available in its entirety - free and commercial-free - on YouTube.

After a great and very successful festival run, In the Dark is now live and available to the public!

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If 911 can't help these three - who can?

Festival Updates

Official Selection, Anim8 International Animation Film Festival, 2016

Anim8 2016 Official Selection Laurel

Official Selection, Toronto Film Week, 2016

Toronto Film Week Official Selection Laurel

Official Selection, Mini Movie Festival, 2016

Mini Movie Festival Official Selection Laurel

Official Selection, Monster Marketplace, 2016

Monster Marketplace Film Festival Official Selection

Cast, Crew and Special Thanks!

Blue Eyes Miranda Evans
Brown Eyes Sophia Cacciola
Green Eyes Kimberley Miller
911 Operator Peter Reilly
Writers: Tim Morgan
Chris Parent
Directed, animated, edited and produced by Tim Morgan
Based on a comic by: Tim Morgan
Dialogue Recored At NH Tunes

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