If nobody else can help...and you can find him...

Maybe you can hire...Tim.

If you've found your way onto this page you're interested in communicating with me. I'd love to hear from you. Really.

Use the form below to contact me. If you're interested in a web project, video or having me take pictures for you, briefly describe your project.

If you're reporting a problem with the site or an audiobook, all I can say is oops! I'm indie and working with a small budget; sometimes things do slip through and I appreciate the notification.

If you just want to say hi, that's fine too.

I check my email on a pretty much daily basis, so you should hear back from me within a couple of days depending on my workload.

Please note all fields on this form are required. I've added some HTML5 validations in here to cut back on some of the spam I've been receiving.