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Throwing the Patterns Away

I’ve mentioned story patterns before – back in On Patterns and Story we dove deep into the topic. Today I’d like to take another look at the subject and talk about when and why you should throw the patterns away. Learning the Ropes Many of us have an idea how stories work when we start […]

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Chappie: Robot Scifi Done Well

I was a huge fan of DISTRICT 9, and when I saw Neill Blomkamp was directing another scifi feature I hoped it would deliver on the high quality of his previous film. I was not disappointed. Chappie (2015) – Written By Neill Blomkamp, Terry TatchellPhoto: IMDB Chappie (2015) follows the adventures of an unlikely group […]

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On Patterns and Story

I’m a writer. No big secret if you’ve looked at the rest of this site. In a long swath of my week, I earn a living as a web developer/software engineer. I’ve been doing this a while now (longer than I’d like to mention really), and there are a couple of programming concepts I think […]

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