Avoiding the Slog

It was a post by a fellow filmmaker in a group I watch with a cautionary tale: his film took a long time to shoot. When he finally finished, his editor partially finished the project before going dark on him. This is leading to other people possibly dropping out, and putting the project in danger. […]

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The Power of Music

Back when I was in college, we’d occasionally have a professor come in and play classical music while we were studying. They would tell us this helped us concentrate. These little interludes never lasted long, they made made most of us think “is this person for real?” I think there’s something to it – though […]

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Chappie: Robot Scifi Done Well

I was a huge fan of DISTRICT 9, and when I saw Neill Blomkamp was directing another scifi feature I hoped it would deliver on the high quality of his previous film. I was not disappointed. Chappie (2015) – Written By Neill Blomkamp, Terry TatchellPhoto: IMDB Chappie (2015) follows the adventures of an unlikely group […]

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Story Anti-Patterns – And How to Fix Them

In programming we have a concept called an anti-pattern. This is a flawed approach at fixing a problem that causes more problems than the original issue it attempted to fix. Because of their ubiquitous nature, they’re pretty well documented (read: lots of people do this). When it comes to writing there are some anti-patters to […]

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The Night Will End

It’s the thick of the holiday season where I live. In the northern hemisphere it’s winter, and the sun has retreated leaving us with shorter days and really long nights. It got me thinking about some times when things didn’t exactly go well, so I figured I’d talk a bit about projects failing. Failure Isn’t […]

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The Trip Audiobook – Lessons Learned

As I’m writing this I’ve just submitted an audiobook version of THE TRIP to ACX. In about a week or so I should know whether we made it through their QA process. I expect we will. This was an awesome experience and to be honest, quite a bit of work. I decided to have three […]

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Time To Solo

A long time ago, when I started college, I studied aviation. I thought my dream at the time was to be a pilot. It was a lot of work and unfortunately it didn’t work out. There were some lessons from the time I was flying that I think apply to art. It’s a long, scary […]

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The Other Ten Percent

In Ten Percent I talked about the phenomenon where 10% of the people who read your work won’t like anything you write, no matter what you do. These people you need to learn to ignore. (Some may have valid points – but that’s for another post) For most of them nothing you do is going […]

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On Being The Writer with a Day Job

I’m a writer trying to carve a space out for myself in a very competitive, very crowded market. In addition to this, I have a family and a day job that both require time and attention. In the past few months, I’ve managed to pull together an independent film, write two short films I also […]

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