Back in 2003 I was coming back to creative pursuits after a long absence. I had a run on screenplay contests that year, beginning with being a finalist in the Shriekfest Film Festival. If you’re not familiar with Shriekfest, it’s a horror/scifi/fantasy/thriller film festival – LA’s longest running festival of its kind.

Since succeeding Shriekfest festival director and founder Denise Gossett has been an awesome supporter. She’s always been there to cheer me on and keep going during the difficult times all us artists face. Support like this goes a long way to keep you inspired and motivated. I’m not alone when I say Shriekfest helped me get where I am today.

As I’m writing this, Denise put out the call to get to 10,000 Facebook likes. As I’m writing this Shriekfest is a few hundred likes from that goal, but I think we can help Shriekfest blow way past that. Please share this post, share Shriekfest’s Facebook page and go give them a like. Help spread the word and support the festival that has done so much to support writers, filmmakers, actors, directors and other artists realize their dreams.

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