A Time To Build

Back when I was publishing The Trip, I made a big mistake. I sat on starting an audience until after the book launched. In this post I figured I’d share some of my advice about when you should start building your audience. Don’t Go Too Early Back in Make Them Want You I talked about […]

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Idea Seeds

Here’s another topic I see come up often in writing groups: where do you find things to write about. It’s something many writers worry about – when we’re in a class and we have to produce, ideas seem to be a dime a dozen. Once we’re out on our own, however, it’s not that easy. […]

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Novel to Screenplay: The Adventure Begins

I’ve begun the task of converting my novel, The Trip, to a screenplay. If you happened to read it, you know this isn’t going to be easy. If you haven’t read it, well, keep reading. I’m going to take you along for the ride here, and this is the start of the journey. I had […]

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When To Bend – When To Stand Firm

As an undergrad I started a script. It came to me after a really high fever – I had this fever dream about a man on fire, and a terrifying transformation he went through. That image stuck with me, and it became the origin of the hero in my script Diamondback. I never saw that […]

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Celebrating the launch of a new blog

This is kind of like dejas-vous. I’ve been through this a couple times before. If you read the About page, you’ll see what I mean. This time around, I’ll be focusing on the creative stuff I do – the books, the scripts, the movies, and all that other fun stuff. There will be writing advice, […]

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