Delivering on Story Promises

When you write something creative – anything creative – you have a contract with your audience. In the crucial first pages you’re setting the stage for everything to come. You need to deliver on the promises you made in the opening as the work goes on, with a fair amount of met expectations and surprises. […]

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Story Anti-Patterns – And How to Fix Them

In programming we have a concept called an anti-pattern. This is a flawed approach at fixing a problem that causes more problems than the original issue it attempted to fix. Because of their ubiquitous nature, they’re pretty well documented (read: lots of people do this). When it comes to writing there are some anti-patters to […]

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In Their Own Eyes

I’m a big fan of Linda Seger’s books. If you’re a writer, Creating Unforgettable Characters must be on your bookshelf. If it’s not you’re really missing out. One of the bits Seger shares in Creating Unforgettable Characters is targeted toward villains – she states no one is evil in their own eyes. In the context […]

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The First Few Pages

While doing some research for a project, I stumbled across an interesting post over on Be Kind Rewrite. The 21 Best Tips for Your Opening Scene has some good advice. Check it out if you have a chance. And along these lines, I thought I’d reiterate some of my thoughts on this critical portion of […]

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