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You’ve Got Nothing to Lose

Back at the beginning of 2013 when I published THE TRIP, I got in touch with Jose, a really cool guy who runs Final Boss Studio. Jose and a small and talented team are producing a 3-d animated indie zombie movie. After looking at the screen shots and the character designs, I’m really excited about […]

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How Long Will This Take?

I was conversing with another indie lamenting about his sales figures (which aren’t much different from mine – depressingly low). It got me thinking… Back when I was in high school there was a show on really late at night called Dr. Demento. He was a lot like Weird Al Yankovic, hosting a show that […]

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Striking Out on Your Own – Writing Edition

It’s been a while since my post Striking Out on Your Own – Film Edition. I’ve been meaning to follow this up with a post on the writing side of things, and I’m going to kick off the year by talking about that topic. These two topics are so closely related most of the advice […]

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The Indie’s Social Marketing Toolkit

If you’re considering going indie, you’re going to need to have a social media strategy. I’m going to assume if you’ve gone far enough to think about releasing your content through Amazon, Createspace, Smashwords, Lulu, whatever, you want to try to earn a little money from it. That’s good, you should and remember there’s no […]

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The Importance of the Audience

Art doesn’t come alive until someone reads it. Until then it’s just ink on paper or bits in a file. Today we’re going to explore this part of your artistic experience. Who Are You Writing For? When you start out, you’re probably thinking you’re writing for people like you. This is good because you understand […]

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What’s In A Name (Software Edition)

I’ve proudly released my first shareware program – The Shuffler! As I write this I’m in a public beta: if you want to give it a try and send some feedback, I’d appreciate it! This nifty little tool takes my spreadsheet of categorized social network messages, shuffles them, and returns a number I select for […]

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Bring Forth The Hootinator!

I do a lot of social media stuff. I usually spend a couple hours on a Saturday morning setting up my tweets for the week through HootStuite. I love this tool, but this is still time consuming for me. I cut down a bit by setting up a tweet library in an Excel file. I […]

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The Thousand Dedicated Followers

I’m in the process of building a following for myself as an indie writer/producer. If you’re following me on Twitter (I’m @tmorgan_2100) you can track how I’m doing. As of the time of this writing I’m closing on my GraniteCon goal of 1500 followers. I’m pretty happy about this. I actually shut my Twitter account […]

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