It Never Ends

Something I see quite a bit – and it’s not just with writing or art, it’s with programming and other areas of life as well – is people at some point decide they want to rest on their laurels, and they stop growing and challenging themselves. I’ve done it too, and I find this a […]

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No Absolutes

The other day I got into a heated – well, I can’t say it’s “heated” since it was only two replies – argument on a programming site I frequent. Someone posted a question about how to do something since they’re new with AJAX. I mentioned it’s easy to do this using the Microsoft framework and […]

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Using a jQuery Modal w/ an ASP.NET ValidationSummary

Usually I post here about writing, but this was a programming issue that I ran into that I haven’t really seen documented anywhere. It took me a few hours to get this working, but once I did I realized this may save someone else some time when they try doing this. I ran into a […]

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What’s In A Name (Software Edition)

I’ve proudly released my first shareware program – The Shuffler! As I write this I’m in a public beta: if you want to give it a try and send some feedback, I’d appreciate it! This nifty little tool takes my spreadsheet of categorized social network messages, shuffles them, and returns a number I select for […]

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Bring Forth The Hootinator!

I do a lot of social media stuff. I usually spend a couple hours on a Saturday morning setting up my tweets for the week through HootStuite. I love this tool, but this is still time consuming for me. I cut down a bit by setting up a tweet library in an Excel file. I […]

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