Half the Battle is Showing Up

A few weeks back I went to the gym with a friend of mine. We’re both getting up there in years and we’re both carrying around more weight than we should. I’ve been hitting the gym for well over a year; this was his first trip in years. My friend was energized when we started. […]

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Finding the Right Team

It’s the new year, ending my holiday hiatus as I get back into writing new posts. I’m going to revisit something I touched on a while back in Finding People. You Can’t Do It Alone Creativity is a lonely pursuit – most of the time we have to wall ourselves off and work. And work. […]

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Building Your Team

Something I see come up often in several groups I follow is how you find people to help you – especially when you’re just starting out and you can’t pay much, if anything. This point alone keeps many people from even trying, and that’s sad. There are passionate, talented people who will be willing to […]

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