MonthOctober 2017

Being Honest With Yourself

As I’m writing this I’m hard at work on the second novel in the WITCH CITY series, WITCH CITY: VISIONARY. In this last writing cycle I reread some of the story from the previous couple sessions after setting it down for a couple weeks. (See The Cold Read for why this is important) When I […]

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What Really Matters

I see this a lot – a writer excitedly gets started on a story – and then they stress out about something. It’s usually one element – maybe a style; maybe a character; maybe a scene. They get so focused on this element they have a difficult time moving forward. What may have started as […]

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Just A Little Longer

This morning I listened to an I Should Be Writing podcast this morning (I’ll admit I’ve been off the podcast wagon for a bit). I’ve been in a bit of a creative rut, and Mur produced an episode on writing after depression (it was episode 368, definitely worth a listen if you’re in the same […]

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Support Shriekfest!

Back in 2003 I was coming back to creative pursuits after a long absence. I had a run on screenplay contests that year, beginning with being a finalist in the Shriekfest Film Festival. If you’re not familiar with Shriekfest, it’s a horror/scifi/fantasy/thriller film festival – LA’s longest running festival of its kind. Since succeeding Shriekfest […]

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