MonthSeptember 2017

Have Pride in Your Work

A while back I used to teach college level English classes. Several were introductory level courses – how to write a college research paper. Every class had a few people who would ask “does spelling count?” My reply then – and my reply now, whether you’re still in class learning the ropes or writing or […]

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Is This Worth Writing?

In several writing groups I follow I see writers of all levels pinging the group asking whether a given concept would be worth writing. I think the basic advice is obvious – sit your ass down and write something, then worry about marketing it. The more I see this question come up the more I […]

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Overcoming Your Artistic Fears

I met up with an old friend who’s looking to get back into his creative pursuits. During the course of the conversation it was clear to me that he’s nervous about getting back to indulging in creative pursuits since he’s been away from it a while. I went through the same thing myself. I figured […]

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