MonthApril 2017

The Value of the Crazy-Ass Plans

I saw a post over on Quora that resonated with me. This person was talking about a girl they had a crush on and how they could get over this. I posted my advice to this person over there, but it got me thinking about it from a writing context. Let’s dive in. A Risk […]

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The Power of Music

Back when I was in college, we’d occasionally have a professor come in and play classical music while we were studying. They would tell us this helped us concentrate. These little interludes never lasted long, they made made most of us think “is this person for real?” I think there’s something to it – though […]

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Throwing the Patterns Away

I’ve mentioned story patterns before – back in On Patterns and Story we dove deep into the topic. Today I’d like to take another look at the subject and talk about when and why you should throw the patterns away. Learning the Ropes Many of us have an idea how stories work when we start […]

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What’s in a Name (Character Edition)

One of the most important things in writing fiction is choosing the names for your characters. Since this comes up on a weekly basis in several writing groups I follow, I figured it’s time for a deeper dive into naming your characters. The Best Names Are Memorable – And Unmistakable The best characters inhabiting the […]

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The Leap

This marks year two of my multi-year project to bring my novel THE TRIP to life as an animated movie. It’s been a long, tough project but I’m feeling like things are coming together nicely. I figured I’d share some updates and tips for you should you decide to tackle a project like this. Start […]

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