MonthMarch 2017

The Value of Community

I’m heading for a writing conference this weekend, and I’m really excited about it. If you’ve never been to a conference or a writing group, let’s explore the topic in this post. I’m Not Ready The first time I went to a writing conference, I was terrified. I was a 20-something who went back to […]

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That Which Is Not Explained

Watch enough movies and read enough books, and you’re bound to run into some ambiguous themes – where something is important to the story, quickly touched upon, and then that’s it. Audiences will go along with it if you get this right – but if you get it wrong – which is easy to do […]

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The Secret Adaptation Formula

Every so often I meet other writers who hear I write novels, comics and screenplays. They’re interested in taking their work from one format and adapting it to another. This is a great exercise and you can learn so much about writing when you do this. I saw one poster in a Facebook group I […]

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The Open Minds

It’s almost Oscar time as I’m working on this post, and a recent episode of The Creative Penn got me thinking about my journey into animation. I think the lessons would benefit some of you out there in readerland. Over the last few episodes Joanna’s guests have mentioned the fear new writers feel about their […]

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The Energy Bucket

This post started as yet another rant about how you need to work to achieve artistic success. I thought about the other version of this post most of the day and decided I’m going to rework that one. In this post I’m going to talk about something else people who write bring up with near […]

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How Much Description?

I don’t see people talk often about how much you need to describe your characters, to this time around let’s talk about it. The rules are different across screenplays and prose – if you don’t work in both, or you’re moving from one to the other, it’s important to understand the differences. When you’re working […]

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The Hard Road

A friend of mine is working on a horror story. In it he has a female protagonist and he questioned whether the trials he was putting her through were too tough…so let’s explore what we call The Story Arc I touched on this back in Work for It. As writers we create characters, put them […]

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Silent Characters

Back in Talking the Talk I started a discussion about dialog. This time around I’d like to give you some food for thought – there are some memorable characters that don’t talk. Done right these can be really powerful sidekicks. Remember Someone Has To Talk There are some of you out there – and I […]

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