MonthDecember 2016

Embrace the Absurdity

2015 saw me work on my first animated film, In the Dark (Full video at end of post). It was my first animation and (as of the time I’m writing this) it’s been the most successful project I’ve worked on to date. I figured I’d take a little time and delve into the specifics of […]

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Presenting The Trip Trailer – Nov 2012

Today you’re getting another out-of-sequence post with some cool stuff. This marks the fourth anniversary of the publication of my zombie novel, THE TRIP. In honor of that milestone I’ve decided to release an early version of the novel trailer to the public, which few people outside the immediate team have seen. As I prepared […]

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The Night Will End

It’s the thick of the holiday season where I live. In the northern hemisphere it’s winter, and the sun has retreated leaving us with shorter days and really long nights. It got me thinking about some times when things didn’t exactly go well, so I figured I’d talk a bit about projects failing. Failure Isn’t […]

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The Indie’s Social Marketing Toolkit

If you’re considering going indie, you’re going to need to have a social media strategy. I’m going to assume if you’ve gone far enough to think about releasing your content through Amazon, Createspace, Smashwords, Lulu, whatever, you want to try to earn a little money from it. That’s good, you should and remember there’s no […]

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Is Intent Enough?

I meet people in all walks of life who are just taking the nervous first steps on their artistic journey. They’re young. They’re old. They’re in between. They want to write, they have ideas, but something holds them back. I struggle with what… Intent is important because it shows interest. If you have interest, you’re […]

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The Value of Play

About a year ago, I bought a few odds and ends for my filmmaking hobby. (Yeah, I’d love to call it a business but right now my accountant tells me I have a fun hobby. Sigh.) I touched on it in Raising the Bar – The Results, but I want to talk a little more […]

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The Story You Save May Be Your Own

I was listening to an I Should Be Writing podcast today and Mur had a listener send in a comment. The poor guy was working, left the computer to do something, and a Windows Update ran, which caused a reboot, and the poor guy lost his work. He only lost an hour of writing, but […]

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The Multitasking Fallacy

Writing is a process. We spend hours, months, days or sometimes years working on our art. It takes effort, it takes energy, and above all, it takes time. It’s not easy, it’s work. Many find it difficult to start, but this post is for those of you who start but lose your way. There are […]

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Creating Scenes

We as writers have a very important job as we work – we create scenes. Think about that for a minute. Whether you read a book or you watch a movie, someone had to write it before the piece came to life. In my post The Moment I talked about the importance of you believing […]

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