MonthOctober 2016

In the Dark is Out Of the Dark

I’m proud to announce the official public release of my animated short, In the Dark. The story follows three coeds spending a night in a haunted house, crossing paths with a masked killer. Can they escape or will there be three more bodies in the morning? This was my first animation, and it’s been very […]

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Idea Seeds

Here’s another topic I see come up often in writing groups: where do you find things to write about. It’s something many writers worry about – when we’re in a class and we have to produce, ideas seem to be a dime a dozen. Once we’re out on our own, however, it’s not that easy. […]

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Hamilton’s America Can Liberate Your Art

Hamilton’s America: Extended Trailer

Valuable Lessons for Creatives – If You Pay Attention

Last night I caught Hamilton’s America on PBS. I was curious about it: a behind-the-scenes look at how the hottest musical of the year (possibly in decades) came together. It was really interesting, no, fascinating, and I really enjoyed it. I think it can teach you a lot about writing, filmmaking, and the creative process.

Lin-Manuel Miranda takes us on a journey spanning years before the musical actually opens, throughout which he discusses his inspiration and creative process. There’s a sense of humility with the people involved with the project who have no idea where this is going to go. I think a lot of us creatives think the same way.

I’m going to admit I have no musical talent whatsoever and probably couldn’t write a musical to save my life. When I was running a 48 Hour Film Project team, the Western or Musical category scared the crap out of me (I would have drawn one of the “harder” genres if I picked that). Watching Hamilton’s America was a window into the mind of someone who actually can pull this off.

There are some great moments for writers, including the ways they took dramatic license with history and made an entertaining story out of it. There’s a master class packed into this 90 minute documentary, which includes a fascinating and inspiring look at the history of the United States. If you’re a creative I strongly recommend watching it.

You can watch clips and the entire video over on the PBS site – Hamilton’s America: Full Film

You can also find out more about Miranda at his web site: Lin-Manuel Miranda

The Core and the Spice

In my last post I talked a bit about how writing is like cooking. I’d like to expand on that in this post. The Core and The Spice When we write, we create something with words. We spin the tale, creating the narrative using the thousands of words in our vocabularies. Some are like the […]

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Recipe or no Recipe

I cook. Most of the time I’m making dinner for the family; occasionally I’ll branch out and make something for a friend or a work potluck. There are times when I follow a recipe and times when I don’t. Writing is like cooking, so let’s explore this topic… Building Confidence: Work from the Recipe When […]

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Why Am I Doing This?

Back in my post You Are Not Crap I talked about the artist’s journey of self-doubt. There’s this nagging voice inside many of us that makes us question our own judgement. I know many of us experience this when we’re starting out – but there are also a number of us who continue to hear […]

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Setting Up Your Own Website

I’m a web developer during the day. A topic I see a lot on some of the writing groups I follow is how to set a website up. Seems like I should weigh in on this, so here’s my take on it. Before You Begin I’m going to bet you’ve got a book, or a […]

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Having Friends Read Your Work

This is another post of mine based on a conversation I saw in a Facebook writing group I follow. There was a pretty extensive discussion of this topic, so I figured I’d write up a post over here and give you my thoughts. Friends and Family Can Make Great Beta Readers Especially early on, you’re […]

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When CrowdFunding Fails

You’re a small time indie with limited resources. Through hard work, sacrifice, and perseverance, you’ve managed to squirrel some money away. However, you’re still short of where you want to be. What do you do? If you’re like many of us, at some point you’re probably going to turn to crowdfunding. This can be great […]

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