MonthSeptember 2016

Dealing with Failure

The other day I logged onto Audible and saw the first comment on my audiobook, THE TRIP. Unfortunately it wasn’t a good review. There were a few edits that despite my efforts slipped through. This sucks, but when you’re a small-time indie this can happen. This post is my advice for dealing with it. Valid […]

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Trust But Verify – and Expect the Unexpected

Filmmaking is tough – it’s a medium where you really can’t do things alone. You need cast; you need crew; you may need a writer. You’re going to have to go out and find these people. In past posts I’ve talked about finding people – this time around let’s take a closer look at the […]

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Never Give Up

Yesterday my wife and I took our niece on her first hike – to a fire tower on a local mountain. She was really excited to come out with us and we’re glad she could join us. It was a good time and I think it parallels an artistic journey. The Excitement of Getting Started […]

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The Flaw

A few weeks back, I got my editor’s feedback on my novel WITCH CITY: CARDINAL. In it Sarah pointed out that my hero seemed a little too perfect – figuring things out before everyone else, passing tests relatively easily, and creating a sticking point in an otherwise enjoyable story. I spent some time making the […]

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