MonthJune 2016

Smart People – Bad Decisions

A colleague downloaded and read a copy of THE TRIP. He had a few questions for me – and I think the answer to one of them could help you aspiring writers out there. So lean in, we’re taking a deeper dive into drama here. When Smart People Make Bad Decisions The Trip is set […]

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Art is Meant to be Shared

I was communicating with another writer on a Facebook group this evening, and she made a comment that made me think. She was talking about getting her book noticed, but that she didn’t think finding readers was important. I was like, say what? Writers are an Odd Lot (as if you didn’t already know this) […]

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You Are Not Crap

An actor friend of mine posted a graphic on Facebook this morning that hit home for me. The best way to describe it would be it’s the artist’s journey of self doubt. It went something like this: This is awesome This is hard This is crap I am crap This may work I am awesome […]

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