MonthApril 2016

Imagine, Don’t Create

Yesterday was the Writer’s Day conference put on by the New Hampshire Writers Project (NHWP). It’s a great conference – a day full of intensive workshops and networking for writers and if you’re in the area when it runs, I highly recommend it. One of the sessions I attended was run by Odds Bodkin. I […]

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You Call Yourself a Writer?

There’s an inevitable conversation every writer or filmmaker has with other people. It goes something like this: Person: You make movies? (Or you write books?) Have you seen (or read) this? Writer/Filmmaker: Uh, no not yet. Person: How can you call yourself a filmmaker (or writer) if you haven’t seen (or read) this? My very […]

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Bring Forth The Zombies!

I’ve launched into an animated version of my zombie novel, THE TRIP. It’s a lot of work tackling an animated feature – I couldn’t do this without the help of a bunch of very talented people whom I trust very much. It’s going to be a fun ride! I’ve got the designs for the first […]

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It Never Ends

Something I see quite a bit – and it’s not just with writing or art, it’s with programming and other areas of life as well – is people at some point decide they want to rest on their laurels, and they stop growing and challenging themselves. I’ve done it too, and I find this a […]

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Until It’s Time To Come Back

There’s a filmmaking group I follow on Facebook that just posted a “this genre is dead” article from some big web site. I’ve been around long enough to understand the fallacy of this way of thinking, but there may be some of you throwing work back into the drawer. I’m going to tell you why […]

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The Indie Path

I’ve been thinking lately about the things that mark the start of my journey as an indie writer and filmmaker. The seeds were probably planted when I was born and for pretty much all of my life I’ve been a reader and a writer. In 2009 I bought my first camera and the filmmaking gear; […]

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