MonthMarch 2016

The Trip Audiobook – Lessons Learned

As I’m writing this I’ve just submitted an audiobook version of THE TRIP to ACX. In about a week or so I should know whether we made it through their QA process. I expect we will. This was an awesome experience and to be honest, quite a bit of work. I decided to have three […]

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Outside the Comfort Zone

Been There, Done That When you write, chances are you’re basing your work on your personal experiences in some way, shape or form. Most of us will do this early on, and this is why you hear the advice write what you know. There is some good advice there, and I agree personal experience makes […]

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All The Gray

I was listening to an I Should Be Writing podcast this morning at work. If you haven’t listened, Mur runs a great show for all level writers, focusing on the newer blood. Anyway, she talked about some great points that I feel I need to weigh in on. Mur mentioned many writing books and classes […]

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Wave from the End Zone

A long time ago I worked in a semiconductor plant. It was right after I graduated with my associate’s degree, and I wasn’t sure if I’d be going back to school. After about six months, I decided this wasn’t for me and I really needed to go back. I finally settled on getting a degree […]

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Time To Solo

A long time ago, when I started college, I studied aviation. I thought my dream at the time was to be a pilot. It was a lot of work and unfortunately it didn’t work out. There were some lessons from the time I was flying that I think apply to art. It’s a long, scary […]

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You’ll Never Get to Yes

Being a writer gets lonely at stretches. There are seemingly endless nights when you’re off by yourself, typing away while other people are out having a life. Not that I’m complaining here – if you aren’t wired to enjoy periods of solitude, you wouldn’t be doing this. You’ve got to focus on creating. And you […]

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Focusing Your Project

Ages ago I took a class in business analysis through University of California Irvine. We covered basic project management and documentation. I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed it. One of the aspects of the class covered the primary focus for a project. There were three core aspects of a project: Quality Time […]

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