MonthJanuary 2016

The Other Ten Percent

In Ten Percent I talked about the phenomenon where 10% of the people who read your work won’t like anything you write, no matter what you do. These people you need to learn to ignore. (Some may have valid points – but that’s for another post) For most of them nothing you do is going […]

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Should You Work Free?

Something you see constantly come up in artistic communities is the discussion about whether or not you should work for free. This is one of those hot-button topics, because I know it happens to people I work with and it happens to me. I also know some people use this as an excuse for not […]

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The Agile Writer

In software development we use things called methodologies. This is a fancy word for “how you do things here.” Yeah, we love to use big words in this business. One of these methodologies is known as Agile, which is meant to be a speedier, more flexible way to get things done. Work is planned in […]

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Keep the Fire Alive

Writing is hard work. There are long stretches when you need to create, and that means sitting at your keyboard banging away while everyone else is out watching a movie or drinking beer. I know, it feels like you’re sitting there slaving away while it seems like everyone else is out having fun, if you’re […]

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