MonthNovember 2015

Don’t Do This

In The Reader’s Thoughts, I spoke about what I thought your story should have if you want a chance of making it past the gatekeepers. In this post, I’m going to talk about some things to avoid. Read your material with fresh eyes, be on the lookout for these potential killers, and think about a […]

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The Reader’s Thoughts

Earlier this year I served as a screenplay judge for the Shriekfest Film Festival. This was a great experience and I really enjoyed it. Since we’re getting into submission time, I figured I’d share some thoughts on what you should avoid in a script. I can’t stress enough – you have to do an honest […]

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Calling it Quits

If you’re an artist – and I don’t care if you’re a painter, actor, director, cook, writer like me, what have you – there are probably times when you doubt yourself. Sometimes it’s a whisper; other times it’s a bullhorn in your ear. Do this long enough and you will ask the question – should […]

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They Never Forget You’re Wrong

This is my second NaNoWriMo attempt. Last year I started the first novel in a series, Witch City: Cardinal. I kind of stalled this year. The novel is a little more than half done. This year I figure I’ll make a serious push at finishing it during NaNoWriMo. Yeah, I know this is “against the […]

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