MonthOctober 2015

When You’re Done, Be Done

There was a saying in a company I used to work at – When You’re Done, Be Done. Said in the context of software development, this means finish the project and get on with the next one. We wouldn’t be touching that system again for – hopefully – several years, so we had to get […]

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First Animation – Lessons Learned

I’ve been a longtime animation fan. I grew up watching classic Warner Brothers shorts, Tom & Jerry, The Flintstones, and obscure anime on a local TV station. As I kid I always dreamed of making my own cartoon. A couple weeks ago, I realized that dream and finished my first cartoon, a spoof of 80’s […]

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Enough to Drive You Nuts

You’ve invested a chunk of your life working on a piece. You’ve polished it, worked hard at it, maybe showed it to a few trusted friends. It’s time to bring it out. After all that time, you bring your work out and you wait eagerly to hear the world tell you how brilliant your theme […]

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Raising the Bar – The Results

I’ve been on a quest to up the quality of my work for several years now. This weekend I managed to bring all the things I’ve been collecting together on a shoot for the first time. I’d like to share those results – I think they’d help other filmmakers. First Problem: The Viewfinders Suck I […]

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