MonthSeptember 2015

What, When and How to Cut

A couple of posts ago I talked about The Right Length for your work. I’d like to take a deeper dive into that topic and delve into something I don’t think I talk much about – editing your work. At this point you’re done a draft. Hopefully you’ve given yourself some time to do The […]

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Finding People

There’s a topic that comes up time and again in filmmaking circles. People just getting started have no idea where to find actors or crew. This leads to indecision paralysis, and the budding filmmaker usually gives up. I’m not going to lie to you – filmmaking is a lot of work. This includes finding the […]

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The Value of Research

When I’m writing something I do a ton of research. I’ll start right after I get the concept, and it usually doesn’t end until the story is finished. Back in high school and college this used to be a chore – but for creative projects, it’s actually a lot of fun. I get to explore […]

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Getting Unblocked

I’m coming off a dry spell that’s lasted a lot longer than I want to admit. It’s been a strange one for me – I’ve had plenty of ideas for shorter stuff, which I’ve been able to execute on. But the novel I’ve been working on was stalled for a while. When this happens to […]

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Raising the Stakes

One of the elements of a great story is the sense of rising stakes. With every passing second or page, victory or failure couldn’t seem closer. The protagonist takes a step forward, two steps back, with every gain a hard-won or lost battle. I mentioned in The Power of Unfriended the movie Unfriended did a […]

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