MonthAugust 2015

Believable Cops in Horror Scripts

I’m coming off a gig as a script reader for the Shriekfest Film Festival. It’s been a fun experience, and I’ve read a lot of cool scripts from writers of all levels. There are some things I picked up in reading the scripts that I think you could learn from. Some horror movies are set […]

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The Right Length

If you read a good writing book – or you go take a good writing class, the topic of length comes up all the time. Good instructors will tell you “the story needs to be long enough to be told and no longer.” If you’re new at this, you’re probably wondering what this means. I’ll […]

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The Power of Unfriended

I just watched Unfriended, and I have to admit I’m impressed with this movie. It’s a smart thriller that unfolds over a Skype session among a group of friends on the anniversary of a schoolmate’s suicide. Strange things start to happen, and one by one the friends are picked off. There’s nothing new about this […]

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The Cold Read

When you start a new project, you’re excited about it. The world is new and the story is just coming together. You’re excited to be getting words out, with things flowing and progressing. It’s a great feeling. Unfortunately there’s a downside to this excitement: you could miss problems in your work. Some will be small, […]

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