MonthJuly 2015

Cheap Bastard Guide to Good Audio

There’s a saying in indie film that the eye forgives but the ear does not. I’d like to share some tips I’ve found for those of you on a budget that can help you with your post audio work. Camera Mics Suck Most camera mics are way underpowered. The audio they capture is good for […]

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Avoiding the Dumbest Mistake

When you first start writing, you’re probably happy to just do it. Chances are you’re using what you have available – a notebook, typewriter, or computer and just writing the best you can. This is good to get started, or if you’re doing it for fun. But what about when you’re ready to submit to […]

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A Good Instructor

This post discusses the particulars of taking a short-term writing class. If you’re interested in a degree program, most of this still applies. In that case, you’ll usually have one instructor you work closely with and others you have some contact with. Focus on the instructor you’ll spend the most time with. I’ve taken a […]

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Do You Want It?

Something I hear from people who want to write is that they lack the time to actually do it. This has always puzzled me – I mean, if you really want it, you’ll find a way. That’s been the boot-in-the-rear advice I’ve gotten time and again. Seeing as I’m usually a nice guy, this feels […]

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This Can’t Possibly Work

Back when I was in middle school, I was a huge fan of the anime series Robotech. I watched that show religiously, long into reruns. I stumbled across a copy of the role-playing game by Palladium Books and grabbed it so I could continue the fun with my friends. Those were good times! On Christmas […]

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