MonthJune 2015

Degree or No Degree?

Something I occasionally see pop up is a writer asking whether they need to get a degree to write. I’ve got some firsthand experience with this, and in other posts I’ve shared some of my experiences…I figured this time we’d take a deeper dive into the topic. The short answer is no, of course you […]

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Pulling Out the Stops

Early on in my writing, I’ll admit. I was restrained. I was worried that what I wrote would offend someone, and I was worried that people I was basing my characters on would know who they were. It took a while but I finally managed to get through it. In this post I figured I’d […]

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It’s Not the Lottery

I’d like to take a few minutes and talk about looking for work as a freelance writer – whether you’re working on a novel, magazine articles, a screenplay, a comic book…whatever! When you bring up that you want to sell your writing, a lot of people will look at you like you need your head […]

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Decisions, Decisions

If you read a lot of books on writing, you’ll see advice is to avoid coincidences like the plague. The lone exception here being a coincidence that gets the story going, but that’s a topic for another post. You may ask yourself why this is? I’ve written before that a good story makes the characters […]

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