MonthMay 2015

Playing Fair

When you write fiction, you have an agreement with your audience. You agree to entertain and/or educate them. They agree to go along with you for the ride. If your story is compelling enough, the audience will suspend their disbelief (this is pretty much how scifi and horror work, but I would say it applies […]

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The Drama Engine

All drama is about conflict. On every page, in every scene. Somebody wants something. Something prevents them from having it. They get it or they fail. Onto the next conflict with escalating stakes. Let’s break this advice down a bit: Somebody Wants Something In real life we may muddle around without direction for a while, […]

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Great Hero + Great Villain = Great Drama

In The Logical Out I talked about throwing bigger rocks at your hero. I’d like to expand on that a bit and talk more about your antagonist. That’s right, this time we’re talking about good villains. It took me some time to fully grasp this, but eventually I did. Early on I spent so much […]

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The Logical Out

You hear in a lot of writing classes what drama is: driving your hero up a tree. Throwing rocks at him/her. Then getting them down or killing them. I think this is a good summary of how a story works. There’s a very important concept to keep in mind as you’re writing: whatever happens in […]

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Making Time

Most of the time in my day job, I don’t talk about the writing and the filmmaking. If it comes up I’ll happily talk about it, but most of the time I’ll just keep my mouth shut. Part of it is I work in IT and sometimes it seems like admitting you have an artistic […]

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