MonthApril 2015

The Contest Route

I’m eagerly awaiting news of the fate of my short script, Witch City: Mutation in the Screencraft short screenplay competition, and I just sent the screenplay of The Trip to the Writer’s Digest competition. Then earlier this week I was chatting with one of my Twitter followers about contests…so guess what, that means it’s time […]

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What Kind Of Slacker Are You?

I was listening to an I Should Be Writing podcast today, and Mur came up with a comment that hit home for me. Mur was talking about having a day job, and how when she did she kept it to 40 hours a week so she could write. And she made a comment along the […]

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On Remembrance

Update: I have made the Remembrance video public on my YouTube channel. You can now watch the short in its entirety for free. Watch Remembrance on YouTube or at the end of this post, please leave a comment if you like it, and share it with your friends. Support indie film! This weekend I’m attending […]

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No Absolutes

The other day I got into a heated – well, I can’t say it’s “heated” since it was only two replies – argument on a programming site I frequent. Someone posted a question about how to do something since they’re new with AJAX. I mentioned it’s easy to do this using the Microsoft framework and […]

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