MonthJanuary 2015

Make Them Want You

It’s time for another post based on some things I’m seeing in a writing group I’ve started following. You have an idea. You have a description of the idea. You want to get the idea out there. You’re in New York or L.A., or you’ll be there soon, and you want to be prepared if […]

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Should I Enter a Writing Contest?

I saw a post about screenwriting contests on a Facebook group that I’ve been following. It got me thinking – I actually have a little experience with this, so it’s worth writing a blog post on. What to Consider Before You Enter a Contest These days you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting someone […]

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Should I Mention Real People in my Story?

This question came up in a Facebook screenwriting group I follow. I’m not a lawyer, I’m coming at this as a writer. My thoughts are my own based on my own experiences. You should really read up on this topic when you’re finished reading, I think it’s important for any writer to understand. As far […]

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Getting Started on The Journey

I’m really not big on outlines. Not the conventional ones you learn about in school, at least. I find them rigid and boring, and constraining. There’s a free tool I’ve found that actually makes outlining easy for me, and fun to boot. It’s called Bubbl lets you create a mind map online, save it, […]

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Using a jQuery Modal w/ an ASP.NET ValidationSummary

Usually I post here about writing, but this was a programming issue that I ran into that I haven’t really seen documented anywhere. It took me a few hours to get this working, but once I did I realized this may save someone else some time when they try doing this. I ran into a […]

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What’s In A Name (Software Edition)

I’ve proudly released my first shareware program – The Shuffler! As I write this I’m in a public beta: if you want to give it a try and send some feedback, I’d appreciate it! This nifty little tool takes my spreadsheet of categorized social network messages, shuffles them, and returns a number I select for […]

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