MonthJuly 2014

On Patterns and Story

I’m a writer. No big secret if you’ve looked at the rest of this site. In a long swath of my week, I earn a living as a web developer/software engineer. I’ve been doing this a while now (longer than I’d like to mention really), and there are a couple of programming concepts I think […]

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On Being The Writer with a Day Job

I’m a writer trying to carve a space out for myself in a very competitive, very crowded market. In addition to this, I have a family and a day job that both require time and attention. In the past few months, I’ve managed to pull together an independent film, write two short films I also […]

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Novel to Screenplay – Lessons Learned

I’ve spent the last couple months adapting my zombie novel, THE TRIP, into a screenplay. This didn’t take anywhere near as long as writing the original novel did – the novel took me about nine months to write; the adaptation took about three months. There are some interesting things you need to do when you […]

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The Power of What You Don’t Show

I listened to a great podcast today – Pilar Alessandra’s On the Page. It’s a great listen and if you’re interested in screenwriting, definitely worth checking out. One of the episodes I listened to today was about writing horror scripts, and Pilar and her guest Devi Snively made a very interesting point about horror – […]

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