The Address Normalizer

It's been a while since I put something technical on here (last time was The Shuffler).

I get asked a lot in interviews whether I have experience with web services. The short answer is yes, and I decided to create this tool to address a problem I've seen repeatedly in businesses.

A customer comes up with a form, and then has inconsistent formats with address data in their database. This form accesses a web service hosted with the USPS, normalizes the address, and prints a result. For purposes of this demo the result is color-coded, but you should get the picture.

The form field labels are placeholders created through Bootstrap; this saves space on a mobile device. And I just felt like trying out the new feature.

It's a relatively simple jQuery ajax post, parsing the results and poping a modal up. No, it's not rocket science but it's cool to interact with the USPS web services.